The ancient philosophy of Yoga argues that we can transcend from an individual consciousness to a universal one, through practice. Thus, by integrating all of its improvement techniques, we develop the natural human potential on a spiritual, mental and physical level. Yoga / Yoke means the "Union, bond or method" to achieve such objective.

Ese estado donde el individuo alcanza la unión consciente con el cosmos, es denominado Iluminación o Samadhi. Perfecta unidad de reconciliación y solución de contrarios. Consciencia de testigo. Testimonio. Dar fe. Ser sin incautaciones egocéntricas. Observación permanente sin fisura. Muy distinto a convertirnos en rehén de las circunstancias. Un ejercicio de libertad de determinación. Comprendamos que la misión de la práctica de yoga es desarraigar y desmantelar nuestro ego para descubrir nuestra verdadera esencia e identidad absoluta como divinidad.

Yoga is the perfect training to expand awareness and live a full life, from love, compassion and the constant exercise of mercy. ” When you change, you change the rest and you change everything. ” The universe is mental (...). "I can't change the world, but I can change myself."

Zafira Sasha (native from Cádiz), guided by her intuition, settles in Granada at an early age and begins to take classes, in tune with all this, of meditation and various energy dances. Her deep connection with these disciplines and curiosity for the philosophy behind them, leads her to train with various teachers such as: Eladia Martínez García, Yoga Iyengar (Granada), Fernando Royo, Integrated Yoga (Málaga), in addition to numerous personalized courses that have lead her to a great personal and professional growth at a spiritual, mental and physical levels.

Zafira Sasha's ability and growth process lead her to transform her habits, lifestyle and increasingly develop her natural potential from love, abundance and generosity, making it possible to share her own experience with her portfolio of innumerable students. Zafira Sasha teaches regular, private classes, conducts various specific workshops, classes for pregnant women and children. She also teaches courses of personal growth known as "Return to Birth", which consists of a module developed in nine seminars, in small groups, personalized, theoretical and practical, with the aim of obtaining adequate preparation to perform and practice throughout life, and in this way transcend the barriers of the ego and live in peace, fullness and generate a healthy life and free of conditioning. It is not a judged life, permanently oscillating between the supposed good or bad, what you welcome or reject, but "extraordinary" (not ordinary) and exceptional. The heroic of emotional and empathic intelligence of the super human Nietzscheano.

Zafira Sasha was a teacher and collaborator in the well-known and important yoga festival of the Costa del Sol, held at the Palacio de Congresos de Marbella. It maintains in her personal and professional practice three tendencies or typology of yoga, because, although there is only one yoga, there are different paths and schools, such as:

Raja Yoga, path of introspection and observation without judgments.

Hatha Yoga, one of the best known in the West, executed by asanas and pranayamas.

And finally, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, which proposes greater challenges in more elaborate asanas, including jumps as a liaison movement between asanas, etc., while maintaining pranayama.

Multiple benefits of a practice that, in just one class, you can experience. It is also important to know that, before we start, Zafira invites us to inform ourselves well about the type of yoga and appropriate level, to be performed correctly and to begin the very personal and non-transferable individual transformation.

At a physical level: improves and corrects posture, strengthens muscles, joints and bones, increasing flexibility, strength and balance, as well as it helps to stay young, burning calories (ketosis) and helping to lose weight, improving breathing , sleep, sexual, social, family relationships, even strengthens the immune system, nervous and cardiovascular system.

At the mental level, you´d develop mindfulness and concentration, increase self-esteem, balance your emotional and energetic state, help you become aware of your body, eliminate stress, anxiety, worries and mental hyperactivity to, among others, achieve what in the hermetic antiquity Western is understood as "The Lantern of Diogenes," the Philokalia, that is, an awake being, in "Continuous Consciousness."

On a spiritual level we gradually turn on the inner light of our soul, love grows, take gnosis / daath of your true essence, develop your potential as a spiritual being and reflect it in your daily life by sharing your empathy, happiness and well-being with others, deprogramming the problem of separativity, to live the conscious, increased and pacifying union whose "integral harmony" (Holos or "Theory of Everything" in Ken Wilber) becomes evident.

Zafira Sasha, with perseverance and love for her daily practice, complements her personal introspection work with other parallel tools, such as Reiki, Reading and Cleaning of Aura and Chakras, for herself and for others. Presenting her uninterrupted work in the consolidated Fair of Natura 2019, in the Palace of Congresses of Malaga, and incorporating to his presentation, the Kirlian photo machine, (capture of aura and chakras), by the hand of his teacher Gema Vila Pages of Barcelona, ​​from Foundation Spiritual Freedom