Once upon a time there was a white light that from heaven descended to stay in the heart of a girl who, through it, gradually takes over her whole being, her mind and her body, filling her with life, beauty and a consolidated purpose, discovery of talent and will, pushing her to express herself with the harmonious movement of her dance, creating and projecting her magical essence, which, we can see and appreciate in her various performances and in her classes as a teacher, transmitting a school itself, in the service of health and integrity aesthetic / cultural environment and community.

All this has formed her as a teacher of Belly Dance and Yoga instructor, currently in Marbella and throughout the Costa del Sol. We highlight the education of Zafira Sasha, as a Pilates monitor, technique in hypopressives and bodybalance. All this includes, in addition, modern dance for children and many classes in parallel with uninterrupted international work, years of practice, consolidation and experience.

Zafira Sasha offers classes for all ages, children and pregnant women, organized in group classes, private classes, workshops, courses, etc. The music and the Terpsicore movement began to be the precise bridge to their personal fulfillment, as a harmonious expansion of their consciousness, where an unlimited soul lives in constant search and growth.

During adolescence she changed her residence to Granada where she began to develop her passion for belly dance and yoga. Her curiosity for these disciplines arises precisely in that city, where the Andalusian and Mozarabic atmosphere is breathed in every corner. Zafira Sasha, born in Cádiz, has gone through different disciplines, aligned with her passion for dance since childhood. Instructed in classical dance, flamenco, taekwondo, Sufi twist, bollywood, yoga, theater and oriental dance, with French-style teachers and teachers and Berenice teacher, with whom she took classical dance classes.

From an early age she expands her immense curriculum and includes flamenco, related to the physical preparation of fitness, as well as taekwondo, theater (related to her training in performing arts), Pilates, hypopressives and yoga (Hatha, Raja and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga), as well as deepening in various natural energy techniques such as Reiki, Reading and Cleaning of Chakras, (Foundation for Spiritual Freedom). To highlight some of her national and international teachers of Dance of the Belly, are; Souhair Nemesis, Mohamed el Sayed, Mo Geddawi, Tito Seif, Tomy King, (all of them in Egypt), as well as Sadie (USA), Mercedes Nieto (Hungary), Aziza (Canada), Victoria Ivanova (Milan), Kushnir Alla (Kiev), Munique Neith (Barcelona), Helena Rull (Granada), among others. In her constant improvement, she took Bollywood classes with the famous Mistri.

All of the above has served as lines of research to improve her style and movement, tha has led her to be headliner in major festivals and international competitions such as: "Nile Group Festival" 2017 (International superstars of egyptian oriental dance) , and sharing the main poster with: Mahmoud Reda (founder of the Triple Reda), Farida Fahmy, Khaled Mahmoud, Ahmed Refact, Hatem Hamdi and Mohamed Kazar.

Zafira Sasha has attended as special guest to the most famous festival in the world (a dream for every belly dancer) ”Alla Wa Sahlan Festival” 2019, organized by the prestigious Raqia Hassan. She has a secured place for all seasons in the FIP (International People's Fair) held in Fuengirola and Malaga, representing with her dance to Greece, Morocco and Egypt in numerous booths. Also, in the various cultural fairs of the Costa del Sol and Andalusia in general, she is systematically included in the cultural route of her city, Marbella, with countless interventions in theaters, parades, combinatorial shows, weddings and private parties, video clips, movies and performances, in which her dancing work is the protagonist and essential vortex.

As parallel works, she dances in David Molinas's video clip, “El Cortinillas”, on the song “La Mora”, by Universal Record. She also dances for the video clip directed by Daniel Zlotin, recognized by "Farid Bang" and "Inner Noch", for Street Cinema Production. We highlight the award-winning short film “Adila”, directed by Rubén Llamas and Alejandro Manzano, produced by Caleidoscopio Films.

Zafira Sasha holds the award for "The best staging" at the International Belly Dance Festival in Marbella, "Bellyfusion", highlighting as jury great dancers like Saide (USA), among others.

Zafira Sasha has been said in press:

“… Her dance is the great event” for “The Summer Outlet and the Handicrafts market”, in Benalmádena, Málaga.

"... having Zafira Sasha is always a luxury." Nairda Selarom for Neoclubpress.

"Zafira Sasha makes a good living with her art and presents us with the Egyptian booth", interviewed by Javier F. on TV in Fuengirola, 2017, within the framework of the FIP (International People's Fair).

“A charm of Zafira Sasha's performance” during the live performance for Fuengirola TV 2018, at the FIP.

"It is a delight the sensuality and mystery of her belly dance, full of balance, coordination, by candlelight and the artist's own, one more year." Live for the TV of Fuengirola (Málaga), the FIP 2019.

"Zafira Sasha has explained to us, like every year, her belly dance project, a mysterious, creative and original dance." Press conference by Yolanda Marín on TV in Marbella on Halloween 2019.

The racial character that distinguishes her, typical of its origins, brings extraordinary strength and a unique sensuality that fascinates the viewer. Play and flow of poetic subtlety, between movement and gaze (of incredibly beautiful and expressive eyes), the power of intention and hypnosis of an excellently worked body that snakes, within this millenary mystical practice, as if floating in a sea full of eroticism and mystery.

Her masterful command of the sword, the silk fans, the candle-lit candleholder, the wings of Isis, crótalos, fire fans, veil etc ... in perfect conjunction with her physical and contortionist qualities of her belly, are the fundamental axis of her work. Spectacular climax of all her performances and immense talented versatility. Showing her art as a soloist or group in the oriental dance company "Egyptian Eyes", with musicians and singers who form it. Zafira Sasha bathes gifts, elegance, talent, grace and beauty. We are talking about a truly "Queen Bellydance Aristocrat."