The Retreats are meetings convened for those souls who want to give themselves permission to be born again.

It means entering the most beautiful luminous path, full of love, abundance and fullness; celebration of life and the primordial ecstasy of proactive drive, emotional intelligence and the diamond virtue of conscious exploration.

If you are reading this it is because you feel and dare to break your old behavior programs, to leave your comfort zone and expand your powerful consciousness from "Unconditional Love", Gratitude and Responsibility to reach the Soma (body), the Logos (Being / Everything) and your God (to discover the inner master guide).

A beautiful Retreat that will make you feel and sensitize your inner world, connected from the heart to the world of phenomena and nature, which provides us with a magical, healthy and paradisiacal context.

The main tools with which we will work are Yoga (Conscious Union) and Tantra (Sexual Energy).

A complete joint transformation of alignment: up and down, in and out, sacred and profane.

Methodological advance multiplier of gifts and benefits, reducing stress, mental hyperactivity, anxiety and fear. Recognizing the importance of learning to transform (them) into love, wisdom, compassion, focus, vitality and all kinds of manifestations of your dreams, for an "awakening" in our time (present).

They are easy techniques to explore, learn and integrate as useful resources in our emotional and psychophysical instruments, which allow us to see such pleasant and obvious sensations from the first moment: spirit, mind, body and energy.

They are activities designed for people with or without experience and without age limits and, at all times, under my care, attention and love. I will give you the correct corrections, theoretical and practical explanations for a better general understanding.

Come experience it for yourself. You will attend the beginning or continuity of your inner transformation, which will be reflected in matter, your substance, your health and your body.

It is a process that comprehensively encompasses all areas of your life.

A treasure that will cultivate your attention, and your powers of observation.



It is the first time I have made a withdrawal and I can only say that it will not be the last. It has given me the knowledge of techniques, which I can use on a day-to-day basis to achieve physical and mental well-being. Fully recommended for all those people who want to learn to be aware of living in the present“.

Juan Luis Salvatierra. Computer Systems Administrator.

This retreat has meant a before and after in my life. A healing encounter in which I have enjoyed, learned what unconditional love is and I have become aware“. 

Julia de la Chica. Teacher.

Wonderful retreat in the middle of nature, ideal for resetting body and mind, giving your body that rest and your mind that much-needed peace ... With the help and great support of our teacher Zafira Sasha, take an excursion to your interior, cleaning and revitalizing the body and soul together with the tools that the same course provides you…. Ideal for both beginners and more advanced people in the spiritual field“.

Julio Gerardo Rodríguez García. Sports instructor and Reiki teacher.