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Personal Growth Course

It is easy to remember that from our childhood, the natural inclination of the human being is happiness, to live the present from joy, love and enthusiasm. Over the years we are moving further away from our natural essence, intuition, love in ourselves, in others and in the environment, under the influence of a belief system, education, experiences and mental conditioning acquired by external life without giving us account. Thus we lose the inner consciousness of our feeling.

The mind is responsible for managing, interpreting, giving or removing happiness.

When we become aware of it and its internal processes, the management of emotions, thoughts and governing energies can lead us to a path of mental peace, consciousness, abundance and health in our mental, physical and energy bodies.

In this course, you will learn to know your mind, ego, emotions, spirit and physical body, properly through the transforming tool of Yoga, among others.

I invite you to give yourself a space of self-knowledge for your well-being and growth, in order to develop your full potential and increase your quality of life with a transformative and personalized tool that you will learn in the course. It will serve you for your whole life.

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Do you like dancing?

For me it is a way of living life. Music and dance are expressions of the spirit in unison with the cosmo. This course is aimed at those people who want to learn to see life with new glasses, without limits ...

Topics to cover:
Theory: (concepts, history, different folklores, etc.). The importance of knowledge is essential to know how to interpret.

Technique from level 0 to advanced, starting from the root to achieve its perfect execution and thus be able to teach choreographic sequences.
Different rhythms, styles and elements of dance.

In each seminar we will become aware of our spirit, mind, body and its intimate relationship with the main Chakras and their creative expansion when dancing and for your worldly life.

Theoretical material, music and certificate will be delivered with the course hours at the end of the course.

-Employment opportunities
Module; 5 Seminars one per month for four and a half hours.
The dates are very flexible; One Saturday or Sunday a month.

“Escuela de Yoga y Danza”, Marbella.
For more info: 679 738 459