Belly dance is, without a doubt, one of the oldest beautiful arts in the world. According to numerous studies and, although its origin is not well defined, it is proven that it comes from somewhere located between the Middle East, Greece, Egypt, the Persian Gulf and India. This fact is graphically recorded in many of the frescoes, engravings, sculptures, documents and papyri of Ancient Egypt, through abundant naked belly dancing figures, related to tributes to God Ra, called to fertility, to the fecund body feast, and even to the beauty of an eroticism and a beautiful sensuality.

Ra, great Solar God, giver of life, wields the enlightening virtue of movement and transcendence. This millenary dance is not exactly Arab or Muslim. Its remote origins are very previous, nourishing itself of innumerable ancient cultures: Sumerian, Mesopotamian and India. Similarly, it is no less true that where it is most practiced and who has turned it into popular dance, is the Arab world.

The elements with which belly dancers delight today are added to the dance little by little over time. This introduction gives the dance greater creativity. It manages to provide a dynamic and elegant body movements, refined and delicate, with a versatility of final execution enjoyed by the public unprecedented in other disciplines.

Belly dance or Raqs Sharqui is a dance that encompasses the classical style used in Egypt and also includes a wide repertoire of Arabic folklore such as: Racks al Assaya (cane dance); Racks al Shamadan (candelabra dance); Dance of the sword, saber; Racks al Ballas / Falahi (dance of the pitcher); Zaar (ritual); Lebanese Dabke; Do it; Melaya Laff; Khaligee; Nubian Dance ...

Encourage yourself to discover the benefits that belly dance offers you, both physical (toning the body and improving health, posture, agility, coordination and pelvic floor), as well as the mental / emotional environment (increasing self-esteem, acceptance, creativity, harmony and expression of being in its pure essence), and on a spiritual level (cleaning and activating your energy body and chakras).

Regardless of your age or physical condition, you will learn how to know yourself and express your own soul freely in a positive attitude, through a natural and simple movement, nourishing yourself with music and its high vibration. Simply recovering and healing the way we manage to be authentic; lights, fluidity, cleanliness, harmony, beauty, health and precision, that is to say: "We, in full consciousness and recognition of the master inner guide and our divine nature."